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Villas: better value than a hotel package?

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Its been a difficult few years. Purse strings have had to be tightened and weve all had to make cutbacks. Under the stress of the recession, going on holiday hasnt been possible for many of us. But recent surveys suggest that were breaking free from the economic greyness which means were ready to enjoy ourselves and get some of that sun weve been pining for all summer. After all, vitamin D is an integral part of staying healthy so we have to have a holiday, doctors orders!

According to Chief Executive Mark Tanzer of ABTA, the British public showed resilience when it came to their holidays this year. Although we should continue to be discerning about where we spend our money, we can invest a little more into having an amazing experience when we decide to go away.

With so much thought and internet trawling involved in finding the perfect holiday, we need a break thats really worth our time and money. The latest travel trends report from the ABTA suggests that there has been a growth in demands for specialist holidays such as cruises, villas and adventure.

The modern holidaymaker has also been showing a huge interest in getting an authentic experience of a countrys culture. Whether were interested in the history, the food or the art and design of a specific location, we want to get the best value for our money by gaining the most from the places we visit. Getting involved in the traditions, customs and general way of life of a country seems to be growing in popularity for British holidaymakers. One way that people are achieving this is by moving away from the holiday resort and staying in villas, which can prove to be extremely good value if you look in the right places. Renting a villa means you can cater your holiday to your needs and the needs of your family or friends. A villa experience can give you the independence and freedom to have a holiday that keeps everyone happy. You can enjoy a little bit of everything if youre staying in private accommodation. So if you choose from villas in Ibiza or Majorca villas, you can rest assured that youll be choosing two locations where you can enjoy the best of the nightlife that the countries offer#, for example, while also enjoying the more authentically Spanish aspects of the islands.

We now seem to be thinking about our holidays as opportunities to see the world and try new things instead of just a mere escape from reality. Were opening ourselves up to new experiences and taking something away from our holidays abroad. We no longer treat our precious holiday time and money as an experiment in our tanning and spending capabilities. Modern consumers want and deserve more, which is where villa holidaymaking comes into its own.

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Villas: better value than a hotel package?

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